How Does Forsage Work?

This is my Honest Review of Forsage from start to finish. I was introduced to Forsage from a friend and at first I wasn’t sure because I didn’t know anything about crypto-currency.

So How Does Forsage Work?

Forsage Review 2020

Forsage is a smart contract ethereum program that exist within an ethereum blockchain. I won’t get into how a block chain works. I want to keep it simple for the sake of this review. So forsage is setup like a matrix. Let me break it down, first you should know that forsage has 2 programs.

1st program is Forsage X3 (this program has 12 levels of entry and 3 positions directly under your position. As you can see in the image below, their are three positions below your entry spot. The first two position goes to you directly to your wallet. The last position goes to your sponsor (the person who invited you). This will allow you to re-invest into the position again.

The second program is Forsage X4. This Program also has 12 levels and 6 position directly under each spot you purchase. The commission is paid slightly different. The first two slots below your position is paid to your sponsor directly. Then the next 3 below that goes to your wallet and of course the last position goes to your inviter for re-entry.

How Does Forsage Work?

So with forsage you can start at any level. The first level cost 0.025 ETH. But when start forsage you should consider getting as many entries as possible. The reason being is if someone happens to sign up under your referral link and decide to purchase 1-10 level on Forsage X3 and Forsage X4, and you only purchased level 1 and 2. You would then miss out on the commission for the levels you have not purchased. The great thing about forsage is you can upgrade at anytime. When you join Forsage at the X3 program, you must join on X4 at the same levels, because they work together.

I started Forsage on level 1-6 and invited 2 with my referral link. In a matter of 3 days I notice that my Ethereum had increased to $312 on top of the $1011 and I did absolutely nothing. I was so shocked, I called the other two members I invited and they also confirmed eth had an increase overnight.

But in conclusion I would definitely recommend Forsage. It is a legitimate opportunity and you will love it. The company has conferences live via YouTube frequently. Forsage will be launching a debit card for members to access funds.

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